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Strider Thailand
Strider Cup 2019
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Event Information

Event Name:

The Mall Shopping Center presents Strider Cup Thailand 2019

Event Date:

30 – 31 MARCH 2019  10:00 – 19:00


MCC Hall ชั้น 4 เดอะมอลล์ บางกะปิ

MCC Convention Hall 4F, The Mall Bangkapi
Bangkok, Thailand

The Mall Bangkapi


Online Registration only. First Come First Serve

Starting from Janaury 16 10:00 to March 10, 2018  23:59:59 (UTC+7)

Registration Fee:

  • 1,000 THB (Early bird 800THB until Feb 28, 2019  23:59:59 UTC+7)
  • 400 THB for each additional class e.g. OpenClass (mixed age 2-6 years old), 14X Class (14X Model mixed age 3-7 years old)

**Registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE**

Race Class:

** Rider’s class will be calculated by birth-date against the date March 30, 2019 **

  • 2 years old (Limit 144 riders)
  • 3 years old (Limit 144 riders)
  • 4 years old (Limit 192 riders) – Extended from 144 riders
  • 5 years old (Limit 144 riders)
  • 6 years old (Limit 72 riders)
  • OpenClass (Mixed age 2-6 years old) (Limit 144 riders)
  • 14X Class (Mixed age 3-7 yrs) (Limit 72 riders)

Race Schedule:

Saturday 30 March:

  • The Best Strider Rider of Thailand
  • 2 years old class
  • 4 years old class
  • 6 years old class

Sunday 31 March:

  • 14X Class (14X Model mixed age 3-7 years old)
  • 3 years old class
  • 5 years old class
  • OpenClass (Mixed age 2-6 years old)

About the Race:

Track Surface: Carpet

Track Distance: approximately 200-300 meters

Release system: Automatic Start gate and use sound signal to release the gate. See a video here

Prize: 1st, 2nd and 3rd get a trophy and medal

Race Rule:

Race format: Tournament system

Race Regulations:

This race is for Genuine STRIDER Bikes only.  No other balance bike brands are allowed.  For acceptable modifications and other important information see full listing of rules which is linked on the Strider website landing page for this event or here.


    1. Only Geunine 12″ Strider® Balance Bikes are permitted to race.
    1. All racers must have their own Strider Bike. No sharing of bikes are allowed.
    1. No modifications of bike frame or fork are allowed.
        1. Stock wheelbase required.
        1. Use of stock wheel-mounting locations are required.
        1. Use of axle tab washers are required.
        1. All axles must use a cap nut or have threads covered.
      1. AxeIs must not extend more than 20mm from the fork.
    2. No brake systems are allowed.
    1. Handlebar, Seat and Wheels can be changed.
        1. Handlebar length must not exceed 460mm(Original length from factory is 370mm).
        1. Handlebar end cap must be enclosed.
        1. Both wheels diameter must not exceed 12 inches.
        1. Cap nut must be covered. Nut length must not exceed 20mm. No pegs allowed.
      1. Front fork must be original only. No modification or welding allowed. To prevent increasing the length of wheelbase.
    1. Bike lights must turn off during competition in the track.
    1. All riders must follow the rules. If not, a rider will be denied to join the race.
    1. No parents are allowed on track during competition.
    1. All riders may be assisted on the start hill/ramp only. Only one parent or guardian is allowed in the start area.
    1. No parents are allowed at the starting gate.
  1. Finish line is reached when the front tire of the bike is ridden across the finish line


    1. All riders must wear a helmet at all times while riding. The helmet must display that it meets CPSC, DOT, SG, CE, EN, or similar safety standards.
    1. Shoes must provide full toe coverage and be securely attached. No slip-on shoes or sandals are allowed. Only rubber soled shoes are allowed. No cleated or spiked shoes are allowed.
  1. Parents or Guardians: Your child’s health, comfort, and safety is your responsibility.
      1. Please dress your child appropriately for the activity and weather conditions; we highly recommend long pants and long sleeves for skin protection.
      1.  In order to prevent injuries from falling, we highly recommend your child wear elbow pads, knee pads, and gloves to protect joints and hands.
    1. Remember to keep your child nourished and hydrated throughout the event.


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